Gardening and Traveling in the Desert

Marhaba (welcome in Arabic) to this blog which is about my experiences gardening in a desert climate and traveling desert locations.  I have traveled many deserts in the American Southwest and now I travel and garden in a Middle Eastern desert.  I hope you enjoy your visit as this blog grows and matures over time, like good Arabic dessert coffee.  Istamti (enjoy life, enjoy food), shokran (thank you) for visiting this blog and ma salama (with peace goodbye)!


About desertpatrol

I have travelled around many North American deserts and they are beautiful. Now I am gardening and traveling around the deserts of the Middle East. Come visit my blog to see what I am sharing to you!
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6 Responses to Gardening and Traveling in the Desert

  1. desertpatrol says:

    Hello, I read this blog and can not wait to read more wonce posted. I also live in a desert climate. Hope there is more soon.

    Ester Esty

  2. desertpatrol says:

    Marhaba Madam Ester. Shokran your comments. It warms my heart to know you want to reading more. I will endeavor to complete my next posting post haste. Masalama.

  3. desertpatrol says:

    4 huh? That is quite alot. I am looking forward to when they com on sirree.


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