Adapt And Overcome

Usually, after humility and  S.T.O.P. have been applied, A.A.O. which stands for Adapt And Overcome comes in real handy.  In other words, stop beating your head against a wall.  Look up, look right or left. Say, look at that, the wall ends a little to my left.  How about I go around the wall since going through it with my head beating is not working!  I have to laugh at myself as I so easily beat my head against the wall.

This is good to remember when you are in a situation where what you want to do is not working.  Everyone watching knows isn’t going to work, but you want to keep doing it anyway because you just know you are right and it should work.  Sigh.  I have been here many times.  When I see others doing it I think, “Wow, do I look that silly when I do this?”  The answer is yes, I do.  Remember the story of the young lawyer?  When I stop doing what I am doing (experience), admit it isn’t working (humility), step back and look at the situation. I can then change my behavior to do such and such or so and so, it usually works (success).  I adapt what I am doing to fit the situation and by so doing I usually overcome the obstacle and go on successfully.  If it is something I need to succeed at, I keep adapting till I overcome.

Adapt And Overcome.

Simple, but it is amazing how hard this can be when you get “stuck” in your mind while in a situation.


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I have travelled around many North American deserts and they are beautiful. Now I am gardening and traveling around the deserts of the Middle East. Come visit my blog to see what I am sharing to you!
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