More Hanging Container Holders

More Hanging Container Holders

Well, It has been a week or so and my first Hanging Container Holder did not fall off the wall.  I personally take this as a success, so I decided to build two more. Here they are hanging on the long wall to our porch area.  Photo A shows the Holders over our Kitty Kat Hotel and Photo B shows the porch area with now three holders … and the new Kitty Kat Hotel!

(Photo A)

More Hanging Cointainer Holders!

Notice the side bracing on the far right holder?  Adapt and overcome.  I was down to the nubbies of my wood scrap pile and I could not exactly replicate the first holder.  So, I put all the wood and an empty holder out in front of me, pulled up a chair, sat back, and pondered my predicament.  I soon found out I could not complete the task.  So I set it aside and went to work on one my other projects.  A couple of days later our landlord came by and wanted to know if we wanted a busted vanity for scrap wood.  Hello!  I sure do.  After carrying it down the stairs, I soon went to work pulling wood off it and “viola!” I had enough wood to finish my third official Hanging Container Holder and it looks great.  Well, if you don’t look real close where I split the wood a little.  That’s OK, I went to the local hole-in-the-wall hardware store and got some official chocolate brown paint.  That should cover all sorts of oopses!  While I am at it I will probably paint the sides of the new Kitty Kat Hotel so I can up the rent on the ol’ cat.

(Photo B)

All Three Hanging Container Holders doing their thing!

So far so good!  A definite improvement on floor space and it starts to make the porch area look a little lush here in my little desert environmental section.

Next step-painting.


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