Cold Weather Comes

Well, it seems cold weather has come at last to my microlocation of a desert climate.  I noticed that my lettuce was not looking too spry when I went out in the morning.  I then noticed it was somewhat cold on the tile porch shade area where I had them.  Well, since they are in containers, I moved a couple around the corner to a sunnier, hotter spot and poof they looked much better.  So I moved all of them after a few more days experimenting and now they all looked better.  Then a week or so later, I noticed they were looking a little sad again.  I had built some portable greenhouses so I put the containers inside these and poof they looked better  again.  This helps them keep warmer at night or evening now.  I also put the smaller pots up off the ground a ways so the plants would get out of the cold air that settles at the bottom.  Even better the plants told me (sort of) by how they  looked.  Here are some images to illustrate my points!

Photo A

Large greenhouse open to catch the suns rays!

Photo B

large greenhouse all bundled up for the cool night!

Now when it gets hot I will reverse the order for them because these same plants wilted out here just a month or so ago, but loved the cool shade of the tile porch.  I guess I need to “listen to the plants” to see what they like or don’t like!


About desertpatrol

I have travelled around many North American deserts and they are beautiful. Now I am gardening and traveling around the deserts of the Middle East. Come visit my blog to see what I am sharing to you!
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